The Grapevine

Why Interesting Wines Matter

August 19th, 2015

Yes, you’d love for your customers to buy more expensive wines, but if they really love the wines they do buy … [level-members]

In other words, don’t obsess over price. Obsess over making great matches between wine and wine lover.

You know that phenomenon where the wine you’re drinking (which really isn’t anything special) tastes utterly fantastic because you’re on vacation, sitting in a cafe by the sea, not a care in the world … well, you’ll have a tough, tough time recreating that, but you can certainly help your customers fall in love with wines by giving them wines that really work with what they’re serving, or where they’re serving it, or even who they’re drinking it with. (There’s a whole different vibe to dinner with the boss than there is to dinner with the high school friend you haven’t seen in 20 years.)

That doesn’t mean stocking Yellow Tail. It does mean stocking interesting wines at every price point. Anything else is just lazy.