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Wine Shop Marketing: Know Thine Enemy

August 26th, 2015

Or keep your friends close and your enemies closer … [level-members]

At first glance, an online service like Delectable would look like the last place a wine shop owner would want to be seen by his customers. But that’s a pretty shortsighted perspective. In fact, it can be a great place to market yourself and your shop. Why? In a word: noise.

As in, the world is full of noise, whether it’s commercials telling you why a particular shampoo is right for you or “friends” on social media telling you how great (or terrible) a restaurant is. And while all of that information is useful what people really want is information they can trust. They want a guide. They want someone whose opinion they trust to help them make decisions when they’re worried about making mistakes.

Delectable can be a great way to do that because it gives you a great opportunity to add your voice to the conversation. Reading through many of the reviews on the site, the bar isn’t necessarily that high for reasoned, well-written reviews.

Not only can you carve out space as a trusted voice, but you can also see what people are discussing, what kinds of wine are gaining popularity, and what new labels you might add to your inventory. (Assuming they fit your shop’s brand.)

So don’t stick your head in the sand. Stick it out instead. Take a chance, make a stand and you just might make a name for yourself on sites like this where people desperate for wine knowledge are already gathering.