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Wine Shop News You Can Use – 8/27/15

August 27th, 2015

News you can use in your wine shop marketing: South African wines, and how wine can help you solve your knottiest problems. [level-members]

First, from the Wall Street Journal we have this report about the tremendous value that South African wines represent for those who seek fine Bordeaux-style wines at something less than Bordeaux-style prices. These wines mostly come from the the Western Cape – the Stellenbosch and Simonsberg mountain regions. You can read more about it here.

Even better news is to be found on the Singapore Winevault website, where we learn of a number of studies that point to a connection between intoxication and creative cognition and problem-solving skills. These are good links to have handy if you find yourself showing up for work inebriated. (Though showing up for work inebriated is itself probably not that great an idea …) You can read more here.