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New World Wines vs. Old: Pairing Ideas

September 4th, 2015

Yesterday, we discussed the idea of educacting your wine shop customers and used as an example, helping them understand the difference between Old World and New World wines.  What better way to really drive that point home than to provide them with Old World vs. New pairing menu ideas?! [level-members]

And rather than reinvent the wheel, we’ll offer you this fantastic post from the Armchair Sommelier blog. In it, the author outlines not just the wines they drank but the foods they paired the wines with, including recipes. The focus for this meal was on whites, but you could just as easily – probably more easily – do this with reds. Or even mix the two, going from lighter wines with earlier, lighter courses, and progressing through heavy entrees and finally dessert.

Of course, you’ll want to substitute in your own favorite wines and pair them in ways that make sense for your customers, so the wines discussed here are offered just as a jumping off point.

As are the recipes. Some really interesting choices here, and enough variety to make a pretty broad audience happy.


Enjoy, and enjoy the long weekend!