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Fun Fact: Per Capita Wine Consumption

September 16th, 2015

A fun fact about wine consumption around the globe that you can use in your online marketing. [level-members]

The US consumed somewhere north of 320 million cases of wine last year. Sounds like a lot – and it is. We consume something like 12% of the world’s wine output. But when compared on a per capita basis, we are laggards.

The European countries dominate the top of the list – Vatican City sits atop the list. Make of that what you will … – with only Norfolk Island off the coast of New Zealand being outside the region.

To put that 320 million cases in perspective, if we drank as much wine per capita as France, we’d consume 1.6 billion cases of wine. That’s a lot of growth potential! (And if we upped our game to match Vatican City residents, we’d be at about 1.9 billion cases.)