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September 17th, 2015

Who has the more evolved palate: men or women? Can wine save your life? Are you in the mood for a Gibson? [level-members]

NPR asks the question, “Are Women Better Tasters Than Men?” which seems another good reason to never argue with your wife. She’s right. (Bonus: the story includes a link to an interesting older piece on “supertasters.”)

Read the Men/Women article here and the supertasters article here.

How can wine save your life? Let us count the ways. Actually, let’s let the folks at Singapore Wine Vault to count for us. Their list goes beyond the usual “it’s good for your heart” item. Here’s the full article.

And finally, Bon Appetit for Sep 2015 has a Gibson recipe, so be ready with plenty of gin, dry and blanc vermouth. (And pickled pearl onions if local regs permit …)