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Wine & Spirits Industry News 9/28/15

September 28th, 2015

Will Oregon become the next Napa Valley? Dewars’ new blending facility blends more than scotch. An interview with a master sommelier. And a beer and wine festival in Brooklyn. [level-members]

First, we have the Cheers NY event this coming weekend where, for the cost of a subway ride, you can taste the best New York State has to offer. Read more here about the event.

You can also have a look at the California wine industry from the perspective of a master sommelier who has been around a while. Fred Dame offers his insights on whether tasters are born or made and how winemaking has improved. The full article is here.

Dewars – John Dewar & Sons if we’re being formal – has opened a new blending facility that blends not just scotch, but also industrial innovation with environmental sustainability. The facility’s 18 warehouses can hold as many as 72,000 storage casks each. That’s a lot of whiskey. Read more about their new blending facility here.

Finally, will Oregon become the next Napa Valley. No, at least not according to two Oregon vineyard owners in this response to an earlier article which laid out a case that Oregon might go the corporate Napa route. You can decide here.