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Meant For Sharing – #Beer vs. #Wine Hashtag Wars

October 1st, 2015

Make fun of “data geeks” all you want, but they do come up with some fun stuff by combining various data sources, including data about beer, wine and other adult beverages. [level-members]

Case in point – this article and graphic mapping where beer and wine prevail in the US, and where they are equally popular, based on how frequently hashtags for #beer and #wine are used on Twitter.

No surprise that places like Northern California and Long Island’s North Fork skew toward wine, but the map also shows wine-friendly sections of Texas and Appalachia. (We’ll assume that north-central Pennsylvania is wine-friendly because of its proximity to New York’s Finger Lakes; otherwise, that’s a bit surprising, too.)

Things get more interesting when you break down by gender. Boys do love their beer, it seems …

You can have a look at the maps here. Not a lot to be learned, but still a lot of fun.