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What They’re Reading – Content Ideas to Share

October 15th, 2015

Here are a few ideas for sharing with your wine shop customers to get them in the mood for the weekend. [level-members]

First, for the frequent flyers among your fans, Business Insider offers some insight into why wine tastes different whey you fly. The article quotes Delta Airline’s Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson:

“Your senses are dulled at altitude, making it difficult to appreciate the complex scents and flavors wine has to offer,” she said. “In addition, the lower atmospheric pressure — versus tasting on land — means those flavor molecules are jetting past your sensory receptors so fast, you miss a lot.”

The full article is available here. Who knew your sense of salty and sweet can be dimmed by as much as 30% when flying?

Pinot fans – and maybe Pinot haters, too – might find the Wall Street Journal’s article more interesting. It in, the Lettie Teague goes on the hunt for tasty Pinots under $40. (Proving, if nothing else, that “affordable” is a relative term.)

The subhead doesn’t sound promising, since it says that the author finds “several.” That doesn’t sound like many, given the huge number of Pinot bottlings in the U.S.

You can find out whether your favorites are on the list here.