The Grapevine

QR Codes for In-Shop Marketing

October 21st, 2015

While QR codes aren’t exactly the next big thing anymore, can be a great addition to your in-store marketing. Here are a few ideas for using them. [level-members]

First, if you don’t know what a QR code is, look below.


If you point your mobile phone at it – with a QR code app fired up – you’ll find yourself on Grapeseed Marketing’s home page. Not terribly useful if you’re already sitting at your computer, but if you’re out and about, it can be a great way to save the hassle of typing in a URL on a tiny smartphone screen or keyboard.

And while there’s not much use for sending people to your home page, there’s great value in, say, making it easy for people to get to a particular recipe on your site. So a QR code in the shop can offer food & wine pairing ideas quickly and easily.

You can also create “if you like this, you’ll love that” pages and link to them. It’s a great way to help people branch out and it’s another way to reach the folks who shrink away if you even look like you’re about to say, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Don’t overdo it, and maybe start slowly depending on your audience. With great content behind them, QR codes will deliver a bit more fun to your shop and a bit more value to your customers.