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Wine News from the UK (and Champagne), Boston, and California – 10/26/15

October 26th, 2015

Can the English beat the French – at wine?! Wine Expo Boston in 2016. Rebuilding a storied California winery. [level-members]

First, Entrepreneur Magazine tells the story of Silver Oak Cellars, which suffered incredible losses in a 2006 fire and has since rebuilt. Most interesting is the way the management team viewed the setback as a way to rethink their business. Technology and modern farming practices have helped guide them forward. Read the full story here.

Up in Boston, the Boston Wine Expo celebrates its 25th anniversary with its show in February. It’s a great way to get your wines in front of an interested and engaged crowd if you’re anywhere near the Boston market. More information is available here.

And audaciously, an Englishman says, “The name ‘Champagne’ will become a weakness in the future, what matters are brands like Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon. If I were Bernard Arnault of LVMH I’d take the name Champagne off the labels of my brands in a heartbeat.”


Ian Kellett, the Englishman quoted above, is investing heavily in his belief that English sparkling wines can challenge their famed French counterparts on quality well enough to grab a significant share of the sparkling market. He expects to up annual production from the 130,000 bottles produced in 2014 to a million bottles. More on his plans and opinions here.