The Grapevine

Content Ideas for Wine Shop Marketing

October 28th, 2015

Publishing a steady stream of valuable content is a great way to marketing your wine shop. Coming up with fresh content ideas isn’t always easy; here’s a way to help make it easier. [level-members]

Rather than sitting down every day in front of a blank screen trying to decide what to write about, decide on a larger theme and write about topics that fall under that umbrella.

For example, you could create a Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine. Each week, you could cover things ranging from the truly basic – the difference between red wines and white – to somewhat more advanced topics. You can even link to other articles on these topics, like this piece on how to properly decant wine.

Bingo! Just like that, you’ve made your publishing challenge that much less challenging, at least for one day a week. If you add a few other series to your weekly schedule, you’ll have lightened your load considerably while still leaving room for random bits of topical and timely information that doesn’t fit into one of your broader topics.