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Why Your Wine Shop Should Have a Wine Club

November 3rd, 2015

Your wine shop should have a wine club because if you don’t, good wine clubs – and there are plenty of bad wine clubs out there – are going to eat your lunch. [level-members]

Case in point is Tasting Room, which seems to be working hard to do it right, rather than buying unwanted, remaindered wines and marketing the hell out of the club as a whole.

Now, it may or may not be true – I’m leaning toward “not true” – that they’re selling $25 bottles of wine for $13, but they aren’t selling bad wine, and they are marketing aggressively.

More importantly, and regardless of whether the clubs are selling good wines, they are attracting exactly the customers you want: people who are interested and enthusiastic enough about wine to make a long-term commitment. People who are interested in exploring wine and learning more.

Those are the customers you want, and that’s what a well-run wine club can deliver. Have a look at these two articles about Tasting Room from PopDust.

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