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Important and Urgent Aren’t the Same Thing: Managing Your Wine Shop

November 10th, 2015

It’s tempting to rush from urgent task to urgent task – all of our to-do lists are too long, and getting things done just feels good. But taking that approach to managing your day makes it all too likely that you’ll ignore the important items on your to-do list. [level-members]

Things like, say, marketing, or reviewing your insurance coverage, or fixing that balky lock on the front door. (First impressions and all …)

A better approach is to set aside time to handle the important items on your list so that they get done, even if only in bite-sized chunks. Don’t be unrealistic and expect to carve out 90 minutes of uninterrupted time every day. It’s probably not going to happen most days. (If your shop is like most we know.) But do plan to set aside the urgent requests from time to time and instead focus on less pressing matters that are likely to have a longer-lasting impact on your business.

This isn’t to say you should ignore a customer who’s just walked in the door as you put the last 30 minutes into your five-year marketing plan. Don’t ignore customers for 30 seconds, even! But it does mean you should plot out some time when either the shop is closed or you have help covering the sales floor. The on-going health of your business depends on it. [/level-members]