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Worth Reading: Corkage Cowboys, Acidity in Wine, and More

November 12th, 2015

Sometimes people do live up to the stereotypes, why acidity is important in wine, and can Champagne improve your memory? [level-members]

Apparently, the stereotype of young Wall Street financiers as jerks isn’t just a stereotype. If you’re trying to strong-arm your way out of a $50 corkage fee when you can afford $1,000 bottles of wine, well, you’re kind of being a jerk. See the full story here.

On a more pleasant note, your wine shop fans may be interested in acidity and its importance for good wine. This nice, brief, overview is aimed at folks newer to the wine world.

Finally, there seems to be some evidence that three glasses of Champagne a week may improve your memory. You won’t see results immediately. Researchers expect it will take 3 years, based on what they saw in their rat test subjects. Read the full article here.