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Wine World News – Millennials, Networking, and Comics

November 16th, 2015

How Millennialls are changing wine, the biggest wine industry networking event, and wine-inspired comics. [level-members]

The millennial generation’s craving for authenticity has a downside. (Beyond their insufferableness to members of certain other generations …) And that’s that they are gullible to a well-crafted story. Meaning, “Many Millennials are interested more in the narrative of the wine rather than the wine,” said Jason Jacobeit, the 29-year-old head sommelier of Bâtard restaurant in New York. “A lot of mediocre wine is being sold on the basis of a story.” Read the full story here.

What’s happening at the wine world’s biggest networking event? Find out in this Entrepreneur article about Wine Spectator’s Wine Experience in New York.

And what do sommeliers do in their down time? Well, at least one of them turns wine world tropes and tidbits into comics. See a few comics and learn more about the drawing sommelier here.