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How to Crowdsource Your Wine Shop Marketing

November 18th, 2015

What’s better than doing great marketing for your wine shop? Having someone else do it for you. [level-members]

Well, not exactly, but you can create some great marketing by relying on your existing customers. For example, Bally, which makes high-end shoes and accessories, is taking advantage of their customers’ love of photographing their shoes. They’ve created a website where they are posting “Selfeets” – like “selfies.” Get it? – and offering up fashion advice. (Here’s an article about their efforts.)

You can do the similar things with people photographing their meals, or even more interesting, their gatherings. Wine isn’t just a product to buy and consume. It’s part of a lifestyle!

If you solicit ideas for them on what they’re pairing particular wines with, or what they cooking and eating, you get the added benefit of a little free market research.

And, of course, underneath all the social media hype, this is just another way of find out what your customers want. Asking that question is always good marketing. [/level-members]