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What They’re Reading: Wine Geology and Oak vs. Oak

November 19th, 2015

Some interesting things to be found online for sharing with your wine shop customers this week. [level-members]

First from Gargantuan Wine we have a call for someone to write a book about the geology of wine. Since that book doesn’t exist, the other has gathered some interesting tidbits from more general geology references that will be of interest to wine drinkers. Well, wine geeks, anyway. Know you know why you’ll somtimes find marble industries alongside wine regions with great terroir. Read the full article here.

And then there’s oak. Not always beloved by all, but certainly an important part of many winemakers’ toolkits. Even more interesting are the alternatives to actual oak barrels, and even the different kinds of oak barrels available. And, of course, their costs. An excellent read, regardless of your personal thoughts on oaking. The full article is here.