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Wine as Lifestyle: More Great Content

December 2nd, 2015

Last month, we talked about devoting some of your content to wine as a lifestyle. Here are some ways to view that a bit more broadly than you might. [level-members]

Obviously, wine-themed travel and wine-themed dining are topics that fall under the wine-as-lifestyle banner. Those two areas alone give you a huge amount of ground you can cover as you make these kinds of posts a regular part of your rotation.

But there’s more you can do. For example, especially this time of year, gifts can be a big part of the lifestyle. Even that can feel a bit confining – how many corkscrews and sets of glassware do you need? But here, too, you can think more broadly: something like this food pairing poster can be a great item to write about and encourage your customers to think about.


Probably aren’t too many people who will hang this over the mantel, but it can still be a nice piece of “kitchen art” or even a den or dining room.

Think about the ways that wine enhances your life and invite your shop customers to join you in enhancing their own lives the same way, whether through art and posters, accessories, travel or dining. [/level-members]