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Wine Shop Content Marketing: Stuff Worth Sharing

December 3rd, 2015

This week, we have content on classic French reds for your holiday meals, and ways to keep that last bottle (or what’s left of it) fresh for tomorrow. [level-members]

Keeping That Last Bit Fresh
First, from the Washington Post we have a range of ways to keep that last glass or two fresh until tomorrow night. The solutions range from the simple and free (stick the cork back in and stick the bottle in the fridge overnight) to the high-tech and high-priced Coravin. There are other options, as well, including ways to keep the bubbles in your bubbly. Read the full article here.

Classic French Reds for Christmas
With Thanksgiving (just) behind us, it’s time to think Christmas and “the holidays” in general. Decanter offers a look at some classic French wines for Christmas that will work for any “big occasion” meal. Some real stars on their list, as well as some sleepers. Worth reviewing against what you’ve got on your shelves to see if you’ve got all of your bases covered. The full article is here.