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Wine Industry News for 12/21/15

December 21st, 2015

How legalized marijuana will affect wine in an unexpected way. What coffee, wine and ramen noodles have in common. Another first for women in wine. [level-members]

Women in the Wine Biz
Another historic first worth crowing about if you or your customers are interested in women in the world of wine. Read the full article here.

Beachcombing – No Metal Detector Required
What do coffee, wine and ramen noodles have in common? All recently washed up on some Florida beaches. Beats climbing trees for coconuts when you’re shipwrecked. The full article is here.

Wine vs. Weed
We’ve seen evidence in the past that wine won’t necessarily lose out to legalized marijuana – it’s not an either/or proposition. But that’s on the consumer side. Wine may have a larger issue, at least in California – when it comes to attracting employees. Read the full article here at Vinography.