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Wine Industry News: 12/28/15

December 28th, 2015

Are we moving closer to easier direct-to-consumer shipping from state to state? What can we learn from a marketing-driven wine? [level-members]

First, in a development that Tom Wark calls a “Christmas Miracle” on his Fermentation blog, New York Governor Mario Cuomo vetoed a bill – a good bill – to get something better. The bill would have prevented the state’s liquor regulatory body from overreaching its mandate. Pretty much a slam dunk politically. But the governor suggested that the Liquor Authority could do more, and address ecommerce issues across state lines. Read the full article here.

The Wine Enthusiast gives us this article about Chronic Wines which was born with a mission of creating wines that wouldn’t need to be sold – wines that would “pop off the shelf” by themselves. As one of the founders says, “People are so confused when they walk into a store,” says Josh. “They’re inundated with labels, and the majority look the same. How could we differentiate ourselves?”

And thus was born the brand, which has made its name with artsy labels. The founders, though, swear they are focused on making what’s in the bottle as good as what’s on it. Another interesting installment of the “wine and millennials” story. Read the full article here.