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How Does Your Wine Shop Taste?

December 30th, 2015

And how does it smell? There’s a growing body of research in marketing that places greater importance on the “secondary” senses – senses other than sight and sound. [level-members]

In fact, there are even conferences being organized to help marketers understand the implications and how to address the issue.

Not that it’s a new issue – how long have realtors suggested baking bread or cookies before an open house? But it is being given new attention, and being looked at in more measurable and sophisticated ways.

Some additional research can be seen in this series of posts from the Shullman Research Center.

Number of Consumers Who Rank Each Sense as Most Important

Top Two Senses by Gender

The question for you as a shop owner is, how do I score on the senses other than sight and sound? Smell and taste (which are very tightly related) may not matter much to an electronics retailer, but your product is all about smell and taste. Pay attention to it in your shop, though don’t overdo it. Perfumes and floral aromas can be a huge distraction – and might even drive some customers out of the shop. But a hard-scrubber, antiseptic scent isn’t going to work well either.

And don’t forget about the big two: we’ve talked many times in the past of how your shop environment influences visitors’ perceptions. It’s got to look welcoming and friendly, and feel well maintained and cared for.