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Retail Blogs Worth Reading: Loyalty Blog

January 5th, 2016

Another blog worth reading for wine shop owners: the Customer Insight Group Loyalty Blog. [level-members]

Here’s another entry in our (mostly) monthly series of blogs worth reading for wine shop owners looking to stay on top of their game: the Customer Insight Group’s Loyalty Blog.

The blog is, as you’d guess, devoted to discussions and dissections of retail loyalty programs. Broadly considered, this can include things like case discounts and monthly wine clubs, but more properly, it’s things like buy 12 individual bottles, get the 13th one free (or cases, for that matter) or other “frequent flyer” type programs and promotions.

There are certainly plenty of discussions on the site that really don’t apply to most retailers, but there are also plenty of eye-opening ideas.

Discussions about the value of repeat customers can also help you shed some light on building loyalty programs that build profits as well as loyalty. After all, if you lose money on every transaction, more transactions is worse, not better.