The Grapevine

Wine Industry News – 1/11/16

January 11th, 2016

Drones are everywhere. So are vineyard. And don’t get us started on alcohol levels … [level-members]

First, we have the drones, which really are everywhere. Though they’re not always being used for good, their use isn’t limited only to evildoers. In fact, some folks have found drones useful in winemaking. GPS has already become a mainstay of agriculture, so I guess this is the next logical step …

Next, to be filed under “Where aren’t they growing wine grapes these days?” is this report from Baja California. Yes, as in Mexico. Is this the next Napa Valley? Well, you know what they used to say: don’t drink the water … Here’s the full article.

Finally, we have reports on the unsurprising problem of improper labeling re: alcohol levels in wine. You can read more about it here and here, among other places. While we do agree that the “high alcohol means bad wine” card is overplayed, it does seem unfair that vintners are given so much leeway here, particularly as we encourage consumers to drink responsibly.