The Grapevine

Weird Wine Pairings

January 15th, 2016

After yesterday’s post about weird wine words, we couldn’t resist a look at some oddball pairings. [level-members]

In some cases, it’s not the pairing itself that’s weird – it’s the idea of drinking wine with a particular food item at all that’s odd.

Like, for example, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Here a wine with some sweetness or some spice is in order. If you’re easy on the J in your PB&J, you might even try a sparkler – that PB is pretty oily. Potato chips and other greasy salty snacks are a good sparkler pairing, as well.

Or perhaps you’re craving Mexican food. Not usually thought of as wine territory, but most Riesling is relatively low in alcohol, so it won’t fight the heat. Works for Flavor-Blasted Goldfish too. (I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I know this from personal experience – more than one personal experience.)

One last idea – that, sadly, I don’t have personal experience with but will definitely try soon – a big old burger on the grill and a bottle of Lambrusco. Makes sense to me for the same reason that sparklers work with greasy foods. That bit of effervescence is a great compliment to the weight of the burger.

Enjoy the weekend!