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Wine Shop Marketing – Help Customers Make Wine an Everyday Thing

January 20th, 2016

Encouraging your customers to make wine a part of their everyday routine shouldn’t be about increasing consumption. It should be about increasing enthusiasm and interest. [level-members]

In fact, one of the first steps in encouraging a more everyday approach to wine might seem counter to our profit motive: encourage exploration of lower-priced bottles. Now, you aren’t necessarily going to push a $10 “pizza wine” on a customer who typically seeks out wines at ten times that price, but you might encourage them to look at $20 or $25 bottles for pairing with weeknight meals.

You might also encourage your customers to explore wines beyond the usual suspects. They may just find a new favorite!

And if you offer food and wine pairing suggestions, you’re really paving a path for them to cover new ground. That’s what our Friday food and wine pairings are all about.

And, even though we’re not fans of wine as cocktail beverage, many are. You should stock some wines that are particularly pleasing without food – whites, reds, and rosés.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can also throw in interesting tidbits like ways to keep open bottles fresh for a few days. (Here’s an article with a head-to-head comparison of different methods.)

Whatever you can do to encourage your clients to make wine a part of their regular routine rather than something reserved for special occasions will help you create the loyal and passionate clientele you need. [/level-members]