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Wine Industry News – 2/1/16

February 1st, 2016

Drones, Italian wines, and sommeliers headed your way. [level-members]

Drones in the Vineyard
First, here’s one more way vineyards are are just like any other agriculture: technology. In this case, drones. GPS has long been a part of big-biz agriculture. Looks like drones are set to follow suit. Good news for the geek in all of us. Read the full article here.

Interest in Italian Wines
Interesting that Italian wines are not gaining any more ground in the US. Just as interesting are the insights it is now possible to glean from the troves of online data being collected across (relatively) huge populations of consumers, in this case wine aficionados. What will we learn next? Read the full article here.

The Somms are Coming!
To a retail shop near you. Seems there’s a trend of former big-restaurant wine stewards opening their own retail shops. Could be a good development overall. Could also be a tough new competitor if one opens up shop up the block from you. Read the full article here.