The Grapevine

Big Game Dishes and Deliciousness

February 4th, 2016

Ain’t it crazy how a billion-dollar professional sports league is worried about local bars and restaurants trading on their name? (Hence the non-specific “big game” parties …) But whatever you call it, here’s what to serve before, during and after the big game. [level-members]

We reported earlier in the week about wine’s growth compared to beer, so don’t expect everyone to want beer for the big game. Which isn’t to say that finding wines to match the food isn’t a challenge …

Partly, that’s because of what’s being served. Chicken wings? Chili? That’s usually beer territory, and properly so. But there’s also the issue of the great breadth of offerings on Sunday.

So don’t fret about putting out your best. Better to put out your best range – crisp, bright whites – even bubbles – that can stand up to the grease and heat; a lighter red for those who won’t have it any other way, and yes, even beer.

Our usual chili and corn bread combo is one of the few times we just won’t bother with anything other than beer. Which is too bad. I’d rather drink something less filling to leave more room for that inevitable second serving of chili.

If you’re dead-set on red wine with your chili, the Americas are your best bet: a Zinfandel is a great choice, as are many Malbecs and Syrahs from South American producers.

Whatever you serve, enjoy the big game!