The Grapevine

Marketing via the State of the Wine Industry Report

February 10th, 2016

Silcon Valley Bank recently released its annual State of the Wine Industry report and in addition to data about the industry, areas of strength, and possible weaknesses, it provides some marketing ideas worth considering. [level-members]

First, though, it’s worth noting that much of the report focuses on winemakers as opposed to wine retailers. (This is California, after all …) But there is still much to be learned, since many winemakers are now retailers, as well, with their tasting rooms and direct-to-consumer channels.

Top of the marketing list has to be the effectiveness of email marketing. I hesitate to even include the “marketing” in that phrase, because too many wine retailers use their emails to do little more than flog the products they’re most desperate to move. Certainly, your emails should include specials and sales and other promotions. Its focus, though, must be on informing and entertaining your audience. They know you sell wine. No need to remind them of that. Remind them of how fun, interesting, inspiring and romantic wine can be. Entertain them and they’ll be less likely to hit the delete key.

As a corollary, social media engagement is worth encouraging. The report cites data showing that socially engaged customers spend over $300 more than customers who are not engaged with a brand on social media. Get out there, be active, encourage a two-way conversation. (And for Pete’s sake, don’t sell on social media.)

There’s nothing in the above you haven’t heard before, but then it’s always good to be reminded of the truths we already know.