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Wine Industry News – 2/15/16

February 15th, 2016

Supermarket wine sales in Canada. Just how much wine do Millennials drink? Should Arizona winemakers be able to ship directly to consumers? And how do you you harvest Pinot grapes for the perfect wine?  [level-members]

Ontario Plans to Allow Supermarket Wine Sales
It’s Canada, but wine sales in supermarkets is always an interesting topic. Read the full article here.

Millennials Giving the Wine Industry a Boost
Do the younger crowd really buy half of the wine consumed in the US? Apparently so. Read the full article here.

Arizona Winemakers Push for Looser Regulations
Among the regulations they want to see go are those limiting direct-to-consumer sales.

The Problem with Pinot
Well, not a problem, so much as an opportunity. Or are those the same thing? The science of when to harvest pinot for perfect wine. [/level-members]