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Hacking Whiskey, Wine Label Lies, A Love Letter to South African Wines

February 25th, 2016

How whiskey makers are meddling with time, what your wine label isn’t telling you, and what’s really great about South African wines. [level-members]

Selling Whiskey Before Its Time
Nothing is immune to technology these days, not even whiskey. As the appetiteĀ has grown for whiskey across the globe, whiskey makers are wishing they had more of the golden nectar to sell. But good whiskey takes time to do its thing in cask … unless you figure out a way to let whiskey do its thing somewhere else. Like, say, the “Oak Bottle,” which aims to age whiskey in a fraction of the usual time. You can read all about it here.

You Lie!
No, we’re not talking about Rep. Joe Wilson and his opinion of President Obama. We’re talking about your average wine label and what it says about the alcohol in the wine. More precisely, what it says about how much alcohol is in the wine. More here.

South African Wines
And finally, we have a love letter to South African wines that is worth sharing, even if you’re not a fan of South African wines. Lovely writing, not too long, and even includes a few helpful recommendations for wines to seek out. The full article is here.

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