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Food & Wine Pairing: Wine and … the Shower

February 26th, 2016

If you thought we were a bit out there last week with the Girl Scout cookie pairings, just wait … [level-members]

This week, we’re all about that daily indulgence, the shower. Lawrence Marcus’ piece on the Food & Wine site is tongue in cheek – I think – and it starts on a pretty high note:

With high temperatures, competing smells and water flying everywhere, the shower is a challenging place to drink wine.

Indeed. So if the winter blahs have your wine shop customers down, “shower wine” is a great way to pick them up. One quibble: though they call this the “Ultimate Guide to Shower Wine” that hardly seems appropriate given the article’s failure to cover the ever-popular Shower Wine for Two. Then again, the fact that they’ve uncovered a shower wine glass holder does seem pretty “ultimate.” You can read the full article here.