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Wine Industry News – 2/29/16

February 29th, 2016

Happy Leap Day! This rarest of days we have industry news on countering wine counterfeiting, a challenging harvest in Oregon and whether you might be overthinking wine.  [level-members]

Oregon Pinot’s and When to Harvest
An interesting piece on the decisions facing all growers during a tough season brought to life with an exploration of three producers, the choices they made, the thinking that went into those choices, and the outcomes. Always nice to see these theoretical discussions attached to real-world examples. Read the full article here.

You’re Overthinking Wine
Speaking of theoretical discussions, enough with the theoretical discussions. Nautilus gives us an in-depth look at the brain science behind our reactions to wine, particularly as it relates to price. Seems we’re susceptible to letting price influence our expectations and enjoyment. Surprise, surprise. Next, they’ll tell us that cute animals on the label can influence a wine’s appeal … Still, an interesting read.

Countering the Counterfeiters
Another surefire, can’t miss money-making scheme shot … and more heavy science, to boot. Researchers and students at the Unversity of Texas are basically applying DNA testing to wine. (I’m oversimplifying; DNA’s got nothing to do with it, really, though each wine does have a unique identifier, apparently.) So think twice before you re-label your backyard wine as a more established and respected brand. At least if you’re gonna sell it near Austin … Full article here.