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Wine Industry News for 3/7/16

March 7th, 2016

An international flavor to our round-up of news items this week, plus what you drink matters. [level-members]

First, it’s good to be Penfolds. Drinks Magazine, based in London, has anointed the label its “most admired” wine brand for 2016. No word on whether they like the wine, as well. Read the full article here.

More big news from the UK: 2015 was big, and the next 5 years will be bigger. The fledgling wine industry in the UK is aiming for a tenfold increase in exports over the next 5 years. Does the potential “Brexit” help or hurt their chances? The full article is here.

Your vote counts! Even if you’re voting for what wine will fill your glass. US News feels that “diversity in the glass helps vineyards survive.” Read the full article here.


If only this were feasible on the broader market … Humanitas will be using a swing-top closure to counter cork taint and their feeling that screw-caps just don’t appear luxe enough. I’m not sure I agree completely, but these closures do look both modern  and retro in a way I can see authenticity-obsessed hipsters falling in love with. Picture below, full article here.