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March 10th, 2016

Drink Up, It Won’t Kill You

Here’s a scientific take on the arguments in favor of moderate alcohol consumption. Just don’t drink and drive. [level-members]

Academic Wino published a guest post by Richard Norton that goes into some detail on the question of wine’s supposed health benefits.

Our favorite quotes:

“moderate alcohol drinking has a solid base of evidence that it will increase not decrease your life span.”

“One of the causes of the ‘French Paradox’ [low incidence of cardiovascular disease despite high consumption of saturated fats] has been the observation that the French have a high per capita consumption and appreciation of wine in France, particularly red table wine — Resveratrol, Procyanidins and polyphenols.”

 You can read the full article here and we’d caution you not to encourage immoderate consumption. Your lawyer will agree, and the data seem to suggest that wine’s benefits disappear quickly as you over-indulge.