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Wine Industry News – 3/21/16

March 21st, 2016

Young people need more patience. Young people drink more wine. And more wine industry news … [level-members]

Great Wine Takes Patience
And old vines. At least, that’s Michasel Fridjhon’s take in the BDlive piece about winemakers’ continuing trend toward crafting wines that are ready to drink right on release. Given that our preference is for Old World-style wines, we tend to agree. Even though we know that makes us sound curmudgeonly. Read the full article here and decide who’s being cranky.

The Younger Generation
From old vines to young minds. First, we learn that Millennials have passed the Baby Boomers in wine consumption. We can chalk that up to a combination of Millennials maturing into wine from the more typical indulgences of youth – Jaegermeister, Jell-o shots … – as well as the inevitable decrease in per capita consumption from the Boomers. Livers age, too …

Marketing to Those Youngsters
So it seems that the advice in this article is working. The Millenials are drinking more wine. Have a read to see how you might attract more of the younger set to your shop.