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Wine Industry News – 4/18/16

April 18th, 2016

Does the world need another wine rating system? Too bad, it’s getting one. Are sulfites really that big a deal? And is Oregon the Loire Valley’s “brother from another mother?” [level-members]

New Wine Rating System
From The Drinks Business we get a report of a new wine rating system from Wine Lister. Developed by the wonderfully named wine writer Ella Lister, the new system “gathers, analyses and aggregates all the facts that count.” Our favorite part: the fact that the 100-point scale just won’t do it. Wine Lister will be presented on a 1,000 point scale. Spinal Tap anyone? (“These go to 11.”) Read the full article here.

Marissa A. Ross, writing for Bon Appetit, gets that you want “to blame your wine headaches on something other than the fact that you’re drinking too much wine.” I’m with her so far. She also says you’re probably not allergic to sulfites, sulfites aren’t all bad and if you’re drinking enough wine to be worried about sulfites, you’ve got other fish to fry. Read the full article here.

Oregon and the Loire Valley: Separated at Birth?
I’d like to think so, since they are two of my favorite places on earth. You can even make a mellifluous sounding combo name out of them, a la “Brangelina” – Loiregon. If you’re a fan of either region’s wines, this is a worthwhile read. The full article is here. [/level-members]