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More Junk Food & Wine Pairings

April 29th, 2016

Because we can’t resist the ridiculousness of it all. [level-members]

We’re not even out there looking for these anymore. They just find us.

This time, it’s The Gothamist, a New York city site. They’ve polled a collection of sommeliers from the city and asked about their guilty pleasure pairings. And they start off with a great one that I never would have thought of: Champagne and mac ‘n cheese.

That particular somm specifies Kraft Mac & Cheese, which I guess you have to if you’re going to emphasize the “guilty in guilty pleasures, but it’s a really fantastically fun-sounding pairing even with homemade mac ‘n cheese of a higher quality.

Champagne plays a part in another interesting sounding pairing: Original Pringles and Brut Rosé Champagne. We would have preferred the more alliterative Pringles & Prosecco, but then it’s not our guilty pleasure. Check out the other hidden secrets revealed here.