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Wine Industry News – 5/2/16

May 2nd, 2016

Fire. The wheel. A great slice of New York pizza. Some things are so perfect in their elemental simplicity, that there can’t possibly any reason to mess with them. [level-members]

A Bottle Too Far
I may be going out on a limb with the pizza slice, but surely we can all agree that simple vessels for holding liquid – cups, bowls, bottles – need no technological improvement. And yet, along comes this solution in search of a problem: a WiFi enabled touch-screen wine bottle. Not sure we need to say any more, so we’ll just offer the links to an article or two and Kuvee’s own website.

US wine imports
From a Rabobank report cited on 4Hoteliers site, we learn that US wine imports continued to grow in 2015, assisted by the stronger US dollar. Total imports rose 5% by volume and 2% by value. Bottled wines from more premium suppliers (especially Italy, France and New Zealand) continued to grow strongly, while bulk wine import volumes were generally soft, down 4% YOY.

Don’t Short These Customers
A pubkeeper in the UK was taken to court for a short pour on pints of beer. I can only imagine what legal hay the plaintiffs might make with ullage in an older bottle of wine on ship shelves … Read the amusing article here.