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Food & Wine Pairing: Turkish Food

May 6th, 2016

And now for something completely different. Not as different as the truly oddball pairings we seem to have been obsessed with recently, but different nonetheless. [level-members]

Turkish food isn’t often thought of as food-friendly in the way that the more classic cuisines of Italy and France are, at least in part because Turkey doesn’t have a terribly large wine industry.

We found this article from the U.K. that includes a number of Turkish recipes. The kebabs looked most interesting to me – kebabs were among my favorites foods during my stay in Turkey 15 or so years ago – and it’s the kind of food that does well with “lesser” wines.

By lesser, I mean lesser in the eyes of the kinds of snobs who view any expression of fruit as being “sweet.” A fruity wine is exactly what’s called for here. I can’t honestly recall any notable wines from my stay in Turkey, but I would certainly seek out a Turkish red to pair with this. Failing that, just about any fruity red should pair nicely.

The Independent – Turkish Delight