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Wine Industry News – 5/9/16

May 9th, 2016

Forgotten bottles, bootlegged bottles, frost strikes France, and upstart New Jersey vineyards. [level-members]

Forgotten Wines Bring Windfall
I found $100 in a blazer pocket a few years ago. Felt like a great gift. Not quite on par with finding a million-dollar wine collection you’ve forgotten about. (Though given the economic clout you’re likely to have in order to amass a million-dollar wine collection, maybe it’s no more life-changing to them than the $100 was to me.) Read the full article here.

Canadian Kosher Wine Bootleggers
When you’ve got to have your Manischewitz, you’ve got to have your Manischewitz. What’s next, Canadian bootleggers create their own version of Nascar? (In case that reference is too out there, Nascar apparently got it’s start with bootleggers proving their driving prowess.) Read the full article here.

Frost Fells Vineyards in Burgundy and the Loire
Bad news for lovers of certain appellations within these regions. Could be a very tough year. Read more here.

New Jersey’s Cape May Grow Wine

Saveur and The New York Times are all over this news: there’s wine growing down the shore. Cape May, to be specific, whose climate is quite amenable to a whole range of great grape varietals. The links are above for both articles. Apparently,

“… the peninsula has loamy soil and a relatively moderate climate, softened by the Delaware Bay to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the constant breezes that cross it. This geography and its less extreme temperatures help Cape May produce one of the longest and best growing seasons for European vinifera wine grapes on the Eastern Seaboard …”