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Wine Shop Marketing: Encouraging Travel

May 11th, 2016

Travel and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly. At least, if you like wine … [level-members]

And since travel and wine are such natural partners, discussing travel, particularly travel to wine-friendly locations, can be a great content marketing tactic. (Remember, content marketing isn’t about pushing your product; it’s about informing and entertaining your customers and prospects in a way that also highlights your expertise and keeps you top of mind with your audience.)

Of course, your travel-related content should be limited to wine topics, but can touch on the great architecture in a particular city, or a region’s natural beauty, or the welcoming culture.

Cuisine is a natural fit, as well. Helping clients get a sense of how the food and wine of a region fit together is a great opportunity to get them excited about trying the kinds of wines they are likely to come across on the trip.

The only downside is the inescapable way that an overall experience influences impressions. In other words, a bottle of wine enjoyed on the couch on a Tuesday night while watching your favorite TV show is not going to taste the same as it did sitting in the piazza with the sunlight fading after a day of relaxation and new experiences …

Still, it’s worth encouraging everything from epic European grand tours to weekend getaways in less vaunted wine regions to day trips where the wine may not be local, but something unique makes for an interesting experience. It’s one more way to be about wine without being just about selling wine.