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Worth Sharing – Great Wines, Special Wines, Getting That Bottle Open

May 19th, 2016

This week our look at wine-related content worth sharing includes a list of great wines, suggestions for graduates, and a funny look at getting your wine bottle open under dire circumstances. [level-members]

Greatest Wines of All Time
Bold claim of course. (And in this case, slightly dated since the post is from 2014, but presumably the list still stands.) Clearly, a stupid exercise, trying to name the greatest anything of all time, but fun nonetheless. Here’s the link to the Winesearcher article.

Great Wines for Graduates
Coming back to earth a bit, we have suggestions for wines for grads. Personally, I’m a fan of giving verticals to mark big occasions like graduations and weddings and births: a wine to open now, one to open in a year, in five years, and so on as budget dictates. Some nice ideas you can expand on in this Wall Street Journal article.

Where’s My Dang Corkscrew?
Who cares, when you have this fun method of popping the cork? Click here for the video.