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Wine Industry News: 5/23/16

May 23rd, 2016

Synthetic Wine, Georgia on my mind, weed killer, and poking fun at hipsters. [level-members]

Synthetic Wine
Second only to creating gold from base metals, turning water into wine would be nothing short of, well, miraculous. That’s exactly what Ava Winery claims to be able to do. Makes perfect sense. They can make synthetic smoke and bacon flavor, so wine not ersatz wine? Because like fake smoke and bacon, it probably won’t taste very good … Read the full story here.

Georgia, Georgia …
You’re glad this isn’t a podcast – you’d have to suffer through my singing a la Ray Charles. The eastern European nation is the hottest region in the wine game. Here are two articles to prove it: one from Tasting Table and another from Food & Wine.

Weed Killer and Wine
I don’t think there are many outside the Mosanto boardroom who argue against the idea that Roundup is dangerous stuff. Is its use in vineyards a big deal? Watch the video and read the article here.