The Grapevine

Wine Industry News for 6/6/16

June 6th, 2016

(Grape) growing pains in Spain. Yes, we can. (Sell wine in a can.) Enough with the parentheses: manga comics on food and wine pairing, the next rosé, more on the master of fake wines, and less from the folks championing less. [level-members]

Issues in Spain
According to the New York Times, Spain’s industrialization of its wine industry has gotten a bit out of hand. That’s causing some pain. Read the full article here.

Wine in Cans
Quaffable summer drinks just may be the entry point that wine-in-a-can needs. Yes, we can.

Advice in Comics
Everything important I learned, I learned from comic books. Well, mostly that getting bitten by a radioactive spider can have its upside. Actually, I never read comic books, but perhaps I should start with the forthcoming manga comic that will teach food an wine pairing.

A Different Color in Your Glass
Yes way, rosé is so catchy a phrase, we have to be worried for the next it wine: nothing rhymes with orange. So orange wines may be the next big thing, but for how long?

Being Sued in Jail
Just because you’re already convicted and behind bars doesn’t mean you can’t be sued. Ask Rudy and his alleged wine-fake co-conspirators.

No More from the Less is More Folks
In Pursuit of Balance will no longer be seeking a move back to a more restrained style of winemaking. They’re done.