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Worth Sharing with Your Wine Shop Customers

June 16th, 2016

From avoiding fakes to recycling wine corks, there’s plenty of interesting wine info to share with your shop fans and followers this week. [level-members]

First, we have 10 household problems you can solve with wine corks, by way of CNet. Sure beats throwing them away. Mulch is one I’ve never seen before. The home-made candle looks like a 911 call waiting to happen … Read the full article here.

For those of your wine shop customers who also buy wine at auction, you might share this article on avoiding fake wines at auction.

The Huffington Post offers to teach us a bit about Orange Wine. It ain’t rosé but it’s just as hot these days. The full article is here.

And whether you’re drinking red, white, pink, or orange, if you’re drinking outdoors this summer, what could be better than a spill-proof glass? (Provided you’ve got some soft ground to stick your wine glass stake into …) Fun idea, if a limited application. Here’s the link.