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Wine Industry News for June 27, 2016

June 27th, 2016

Blue wine, sparklers for the 4th, and books and beer and wine. [level-members]

But wait, I haven’t even tried orange wine, yet! And we’re on to the next big thing. Or color. As this article on the Mother Nature Network website explains, blue wine is the “it” wine right now. And Forbes dives in to what the trend means for the wine biz.

In yet another push to popularize sparkling wines beyond wedding toasts and New Year’s Eve, we have the word association of sparklers – the wine – with sparklers – the Fourth of July entertainment. We’re all in favor of sparklers getting more love. The wine, that is. The firework we could take or leave.

Finally, we have the announcement that Barnes & Noble, retailer of books, magazines, music and more, will open 4 concept stores that will include beer and wine along with an expanded menu beyond their cafe basics. Read the full article here.