The Grapevine

Wines for the Fourth

July 1st, 2016

Your menu may vary, but The Fourth of July is the All-American holiday. So, our wine recommendation has to be for an All-American wine. Or, at least, as close as we can get. [level-members]

There’s plenty of evidence that Zinfandel may have originated elsewhere, but it also does some to be as close as we have to a native noble grape.

So you could do worse than to build your holiday cookout menu around Zinfandel. It works with burgers and dogs, and goes wonderfully with nearly any style of barbecue.

Our favorites are all California wines, which shouldn’t be surprising. (What might be surprising is that it was the most widely planted grape in California before Prohibition.) And as with most California bottlings, you can find Zins in a range of prices and styles. Don’t be shy, though, These should be big, bold wines.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!