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July 7th, 2016

Beyond the usual rosé suspects, English sparklers, and a double-dose of hipster sommeliers. [level-members]

If you’re already inclined to sneer at hipster culture, you’ll enjoy this pair of articles  from Stuart Pigott and The Grape Collective.

The Rise of the Hipster Sommelier

The Rise of the Hipster Sommelier, Part II

Clearing painting with an unfairly broad brush, but still enough of a kernel of truth to be very entertaining.

Heading to England, The Telegraph out of the UK is crowing about some of their home-grown sparklers beating their French counterparts – in Paris. This news is a bit dated – literally, the article is from April – but English sparkling wines have continued to make waves and it will be interesting to see how they continue to grow. (There is clearly room for growth; the decision was hardly unanimous, with 9 of 14 judges choosing the English wine over the Champagne.) Read the full article here.

France does rosé right. So right, in fact, it’s hard to argue with how right they do it. But according to Jon Bonné in Punch, if you’re ignoring the rosés of Austria and Germany, you’re making a big mistake. And since these winemakers don’t “see rosé as a second-class task,” they’re making some excellent wines. See the full article here.